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Acaí – The Brazilian Super Berry


Açaí is the Brazilian berry, often referred to as a “Super Berry” and is nowadays widely spread outside of Brazil because of its health benefits. The berry contains more antioxidants than almost any other fruits in the world and is extremely rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and helps preventing illness.

The berry is something that has long been relatively unknown outside of South America. For as little as five years ago, scientists discovered when comparing different fruits and berries in lab tests that the Açaí berry’s extreme levels of beneficial antioxidants.

After the revolutionising breakthrough, Açaí has become known as “The world’s most nutritious fruit – ” So why is it so hard to find fresh Açaí berry outside of South America?” It is mainly due to the berries only grows in the Amazon rainforest. The berries are extremely sensitive and only stays fresh for a few days after harvesting and the berries would be inedible before they had crossed the Atlantic.

In Brazil however, you can have them fresh in some parts of the country, AND because of its popularity, açaí fruit and pulp are available almost everywhere!



Did you know that:

  • American researchers have concluded that Acaí berries attack cancer cells. One study showed that the berry destroyed up to 86 percent of leukaemia cells
  • The Açaí tree thrives in tropical areas like Brazil which makes the berry very hard to get fresh elsewhere since they’re so perishable. The sweet berry is used all around the country in juices, ice cream and in the locally famous “Açaí bowl
  • Açai has been eaten for centuries in South America. The berries grow high up in the palm tree Acaizeiro in the Amazon rainforest and has become a major part of the Brazilian culture. When you visit Brazil, it will be impossible to miss this
  • Brazilian athletes and surfers often start the day with an Açaí smoothie for breakfast to get all the positive energy and make it easier to stay healthy

Great places that serves Açaí juice in Brazilian cities are Pé no arque in, Frutaria and Quitanda in São Paulo, Tacacá do Norte, Barraca do Pará, Polis Sucos and BB Sucos in Rio de Janeiro and Ponto do Açaí in Recife

If you want to see it in its original habitat, in nature, you’ll have to book a trip to the lush northern part of the country!

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