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Bonito and the Pantanal

In Bonito you will find the true treasures of nature! With rivers of crystal clear water, caves, waterfalls and lagoons, you will have an amazing time visiting this beautiful town in Mato Grosso do Sul, a south-central state in Brazil. Bonito and the Pantanal as a whole, is one of Brazil's best ecotourism destinations known for its beauty, being a well organized city with good quality service. As a visitor, you will be offered plenty of activities to do in the nature of Bonito; snorkeling, hiking, trekking, bird watching, horseback riding, rafting, rappelling and scuba diving in rivers, lagoons and caves. We will help you to organize an unforgettable experience in this wonderful city of nature!

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Bonito Attractions

Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata

Snorkeling in crystal clear waters surrounded by tons of big and small fish can feel like swimming in a giant aquarium here in Rio da Prata.

The area is protected from fishing and pollution, and in order to preserve the clean water, guests are prohibited from wearing sunscreen or bug spray. And there's much more than just the river and it's fishes. There's a beautiful patch of pristine forest with overwhelming "peroba" trees and plenty of birds and even mammals that can be seen on your walk down to the river. Photo Source

Sucuri River

With a distance of 18 km from Bonito you will find beautiful Sucuri River, where there is a lot of fun to be had! The tour will start with a walk through of the riparian forest, where you will spot different animals and plants. Snorkeling here is so beautiful, you will get the impression of swimming around an aquarium. More optional tours here are horseback riding, cycling, quadricycle and bathing in the waterfalls of the Formoso River. Photo Source

Lagoa Misteriosa

In the Mysterious Lagoon you can do following activities: Hiking and Snorkeling to have the opportunity to observe the rich diversity of fauna and flora, Scuba Diving and Cave Diving. The Lagoa is beautiful, you will enter into the most incredibly blue water which is breathtaking. The water is incredibly clear with 60 meters of visibility, and you can practically see the clear reflection of the trees from a depth of 30m. Combined with a trip to Rio de Prata in the morning (about 10 mins away) it is a good full day activity in Bonito. Photo Source

Balneário Municipal

Another beautiful attraction located in Rio Formoso is Balneario Municipal de Bonito, one of the few tours in the region that does not require a local guide. Here you can swim with fishes in various colors and sizes in the crystalline water, play volleyball and soccer in the sand, have a barbecue or visit the bars and restaurant that are located here. Photo Source