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A place where people are warm, the colors are vibrant and the food is beyond flavorful. The land of capoeira, axé music, acarajé and street carnival. Bahia is situated on the coast of Brazil, with the turquoise Atlantic Ocean lapping at its shores and is the fourth most populous Brazilian state. Its capital city is São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, commonly shortened to Salvador. Discover some of the main places in Bahia with us.

Popular Destinations in Bahia



Salvador is the capital of Bahia, and also the third largest city in Brazil, sprawling for dozens of kilometers inland from the coast. Most visitors head for the coastal neighborhoods that cluster around where the bay meets the ocean. A 100m cliff runs along the entire bayshore, dividing the city into Cidade Alta, up on the cliff, and the Cidade Baixa down by the bay. The former features Pelourinho, the old city center that packs historical sites, colonial architecture, museums, restaurants, bars, hostels, artisanal shops, and music/dance/capoeira academies into a convenient, albeit tourist-swarmed, set of winding cobblestone streets. Local residents enjoy sharing their exotic dancing and music skills with tourists. Residents are also considered some of the friendliest people on the planet. Tourists are welcomed with open and friendly arms by the majority of local residents. Be sure to try acarajé, small fritters made from black-eyed peas and onions fried in palm oil slathered with spicy vatapá (shrimp paste). These are sold by Baianas on the street.

Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is a village in the northern tip of the Tinharé island in Bahia. Reachable only by boat or plane, the village has no paved streets or car traffic. There are, however, lots of hotels, pousadas and restaurants. The island’s four beaches are very beautiful, and named for the order they're in - from First to Fourth. The Fourth beach is most desrt, and often considered the best in Morro. It's the perfect place to get away from it all. Nothing is seen in the distance but palm trees, sand and sea. The Second beach is a great choice for those who want to be in the middle of all the action. It's a few minutes away from the village and packed with tourists. At night, luaus take place on this beach. All in all, each beach at Morro has its own personality, and we can help you pick the perfect one for you.

Porto Seguro

The region surrounding Porto Seguro was the first to be discovered by Portuguese navigators in the current Brazilian territory. The region possesses amazing beaches and preserved areas of Mata Atlântica, an original tropical jungle found by the Portuguese discoverers in the year 1500. Terapuã beach has many hotels and kiosks that are always crowded. There are shows day and night, dance lessons, exercise classes, restaurants, as well as water sports, helicopter flights and paragliding.

The nearby Curuípe (with clear coral pools at low tide), Itacimirim and Mundaí beaches are more serene. The Rio dos Mangues beach offers a quiet mangrove area. The last two beaches, Ponta Grande, with crystal clear waters and reefs, and Mutá, are long and nearly deserted.

Coroa Vermelha, in Santa Cruz Cabrália, is a pleasant bay with shallow waters, reefs and a few kiosks. In the surrounding area, there are many people selling arts and crafts made from brazilwood by the Pataxó indians. There is also a cross marking the first mass held in the country.

40 miles to the south of Porto Seguro covers an area populated by small towns, each one a unique destination worth exploring, with plenty to see and wonderful places to stay to suit varied styles of vacation.


Trancoso is another great option when it comes to places to visit in Bahia. Discovered by hippies in the 70's and previously an indigenous village, Trancoso is nowadays a very popular destination for people all around the world.

Suitable for everyone, from families to couples, kids, and people that are into sports such as kite and windsurf, snorkeling or kayaking. There are plenty of cozy bed and breakfasts and luxurious hotels ,as well as restaurants that serve authentic local food.

Take a day trip to Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach). Espelho is just one of those paradise beaches you can really unplug and relax, oftentimes considered one of the best in Brazil. You can also take a walk to Rio da Barra Beach, just 20 minutes away from Trancoso, a very quiet beach with only one restaurant, it offers river water, a walk through the mangrove, nice waves, incredible landscape.