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The Amazons + Manaus

In the state of Amazonas, you'll find its capital Manaus, which draws much architectural and cultural interest, and of course, also the great biodiversity that they have in the region. Here you will find Teatro Amazonas, which is the most famous landmark in the city and also worth visiting, is the Palácio Rio Negro, built by German farmers, which now serves as the city's cultural center and theatre. The cuisine has been influenced by a mixture of Brazilian, India and European ancestry in Manaus, and with a strong emphasis on freshwater fish, forest spices and cassava. The city has quite a bustling vida noturna(nightlife), and for a night out, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from. And of course, going beyond Manaus, you can access the jungle, via the many waterways surrounding the city.

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Amazonas Attractions

Teatro Amazonas

You know you're in a very different and special place when during the day time, you can trek through the rainforests and later, in the evening, you can watch an opera show. The stately Amazonas Opera House was built with the finest materials, and it is a landmark from the golden age of rubber, when Manaus was one of the wealthiest cities in the Americas. Inside, you will be blown away by its amazing and powerful performances and the building’s beautiful lobby will take your breath away. You can also schedule a visit to the Teatro without watching a show. Ask us about booking a visit or city tour.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Encontro das Águas

Because of the differences in water temperature and density of the Rivers Negro and Solimões, when they join in Manaus to form the main stream of the Amazon River, they flow side by side for miles before they mix. You can even see it in satellite pictures, but the fun way to see it is at the surface. The confluence of these two rivers is truly amazing. For a couple of kilometers, the muddy water of the Amazon river runs side by side with the Rio Negro and they don't mix. It is great to see this natural phenomenon and you can also get lunch in some of the floating restaurants around the river and simply enjoy this interesting nature show. It's overwhelming!

Photo by: Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz

Amazonian Cuisine

One of the most famous dishes served in restaurants in Manaus is called a Caldeirada de Tambaqui, that contains fresh fish Tambaqui (the largest characin of South America), green spices and boiled eggs. Another famous dish served in Manaus kitchen is Pirarucu de Casaca – one of best Amazonian fish (Pirarucu), cassava flour (farinha de mandioca), olive oil among various other ingredients. Another “Must Try” on menus on Amazonas, is Tambaqui but in barbecue version served with excellent rice and bean side dish called baião-de-dois, famous throughout the north and northeast of Brazil. Here you can also find so many different exotic fruits from the Amazon. A very famous fruit is Araçá-boi, a fruit tree native to Amazon rainforest. Other fruits that you easily can find here are Açaí, Tucumã, Bacaba and Maracujá do mato. We will help you to find the best restaurants in town, and reserve a table for you!

Amazon Rainforest

If you are looking for an authentic and genuine jungle experience, you should try a tour in the rainforest with our guides. You can tailor make your own tour from what you want to experience. Maybe swim with pink dolphins, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, sleeping in the jungle, jungle trek, canoeing and staying at local people's house? This is a truly amazing experience and will give you an understanding of the wilderness and life in this part of the world.