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Travel To Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is known by all Brazilians as a cidade maravilhosa, or “marvelous city,” and we’re sure that if you’ve visited or have seen the sites and brochures, you’ll agree with us when we say this can be considered an understatement. Not necessarily known to locals for its beaches, but overall city, mountains and jungle landscapes all in one, partnered with its laid back culture. Rio is filled with history, culture, and a good time! If you’re worried about how to make the visit to Rio, have a group that wants to visit the marvelous city, or want to rent a luxury villa for some time there, send us a message, and we’ll organize your trip for you!
  • Christ the Redeemer Statue

    Known to locals as "Cristo Redentor," the statue, which sits atop the Corcovado mountain, in Tijuca national park, is right in the middle of the city, and Rio's top attractions. On a sunny day, you get the most spectacular views of the city! You can visit the statue by hiking, part of a group tour or by taxi, and then taking a train or bus all the way to the foot of the Cristo.
  • Copacabana Beach

    Wake up early and watch the sunrise through the beautiful Atlantic Ocean on the world's most famous beach, will make any visit to Rio worthwhile. Copacabana beach is a breathtaking 4.5km long, man made beach, with bright sand, and full of people practicing sports or just soaking in the sun. As well as in the daylight, Copacabana has a vivid night scene, with a crafts fair off the boardwalk, restaurants and bars buzzing, and right before night falls, plenty of people watching the sun set on Ipanema, on Arpoador rock, separating the two beaches.
  • Jardim Botânico

    Rio's botanical gardens are spectacular and often skipped over, since people tend to be so overwhelmed with wanting to see beaches and views around the city.
  • Sugarloaf Mountain

    Sugarloaf Mountain is a peak situated in Rio de Janeiro at the entry of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Experience this remarkable mountain when in Rio and its breath taking views from above makes this place a must see sightseeing. There's also an option to hike or rock climb up the mountain, making it more exciting!
  • Santa Teresa

    This trendy neighbourhood atop a mountain near Lapa, the city's biggest nightlife spot, is colorful and filled with personality, and cute bars, restaurants and galleries. You'll also find the Escadaria Selarón here, the bright staircase and work of art by Chilean born Jorge Selarón.
  • Rio Scenarium Nightclub

Featured Tours in Rio de Janeiro

Experience African Influence in Rio!

Visit Rio's port district downtown, and learn about Afro-Brazilian culture with food, music and historical experiences! Book Here!
Rio Scenarium Nightclub

Tour Rio's nightlife on a walking tour with a guide

Rio’s way of life concentrates a great portion of its culture in gathering with friends at night. Join Us! Book Here!
Biking Through Rio

Explore the Marvelous City on 2 wheels!

Enjoy the breeze, and short stops to catch your breath and learn more about Rio's many beautiful and historic sights! Book Here!
Museu de Arte Rio

Pick a Museum + Immerse Yourself

Rio de Janeiro is also a cultural mecca in Brazil! Take a museum tour with an arts, history or architecture guide! Book Here!
Cachaça Tastings in Rio

Love spirits? Then you'll love cachaça!

Take a stroll through downtown Rio, and stop at bars to chat with owners and try some local snacks and cachaça. Book Here!
Samba Percussion

Experience Samba School Community

From lunches with percussion, or all out Carnival rehearsals, samba schools in Rio have activities to get you dancing! Book Here!
Hike to Christ Tour

Hike to the Christ the Redeemer Statue

Visit the Parque Lage mansion, and from there, take a hike to the feet of Christ. A truly breathtaking experience! Book Here!
Get a Cup of Coffee with Friends!

Love Coffee? Taste Test with the Pros!

Get a lesson in coffee making from expert sommeliers, and taste test Brazilian coffee from 2 different states. Book Here!

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Sights Near Rio!

Visit Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Take a step back in time!

Beautiful, historic Paraty, is a small town escape in Rio de Janeiro state. Just a little over an hour south of the city, this historic town is filled with charming restaurants, and boat rides to neighbouring islands, mostly still lush and untamed! .
Tips on Visiting Búzios

Praia Brava in Búzios

Explore one or many of Búzios' 23 beaches, a town in Rio state's "Região das Lagoas," or Lake Region, and was made famous in the mid twentieth century, and is still a must see in Brazil. For people who want to relax, or even enjoy nightlife, it's a perfect destination for all! Visit Búzios today!

The Imperial City

A wonderful vacation spot if you find yourself in Brazil in the winter, for its location nestled amongst valleys in the mountains, Petrópolis is nicknamed the Imperial City, because it's the former Summer Palace of the second Brazilian emperor, which is now a museum, which specializes in the country's imperial history.

Escape to the Mountains

The relatively cool temperature and mountainous surroundings makes the city a perfect side trip when visiting the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro. Teresópolis rises at 900 meters above sea level and offers some of the most beautiful mountain walks, peaks and national parks in the country.