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Beach Getaway in Rio de Janeiro State

Only two hours northeast of dynamic and colorful Rio de Janeiro city, will you find a sophisticated paradise in Búzios. The peninsula holds more than 20 sublime beaches and until the 1960’s, the town was a simple and picturesque fishing village where “Cariocas” would go to escape the pulsating city life. Búzios was “dicovered“ by French icon Brigitte Bardot and her Brazilian boyfriend when they first went there in the 60’s. Since then, Búzios has come to be one of the most important Brazilian resorts for bon vivants from all around the globe. It’s not hard to understand why people has come to love the enchanting city of Búzios and savour in its chic boutiques, pristine white sand, yacht clubs, beach fronts, buzzing nightlife, fine dining restaurants, beautiful architecture and French Riviera ambience. *Photos from Rockabeach + our archives.

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Búzios Travel Tips


Tips on Visiting Búzios

Búzios has over 20 mind-blowing beaches with every beach having a different personality and style so all can enjoy. “Geribá” is a favorite of the young crowd and is the ultimate spot to catch the perfect wave. It's a little piece of heaven for surfers all year round, but the long and wide beach is not only a favorite among wave lovers it is also a great place for people-watching and to dine at one of the kiosks, or barracas. Don’t miss out on the hidden pearl, “Restaurant Farinatta!" The calm and soothing waters of Tartaruga, João Fernandes and Ferradura beaches are it the perfect solutions for couples travelling with small children, and if you're looking for that fisherman's village vibe you should try out Canto, Armação and Praia dos Ossos . There you can watch the colourful boats and take a peaceful stroll to the beaches of Azeda and Azedinha, with their inviting turquoise sea and lush greenery. Manguinhos and Rasa are amazing spots for wind and kite surfing due to its great winds. Long story short - Búzios has a beach for everyone!


Coastal towns in Brazil can almost always offer a large selection of fresh seafood, and Búzios is no exception. The city is not only a visual paradise, Búzios offer its visitors gastronomical sensations with its European and Asian influences that came with the modern settlers and is still highly prominent in the cuisine. We recommend you have lunch at the “Rocka Beach Lounge”. The restaurant is not only famous for offering its customers healthy and locally produced foods from the garden and the ocean underneath, it also provides its visitors with a spectacular ocean view, a laid-back yet refined atmosphere and dishes with a Mediterranean touch. We recommend the ceviche! Another sure bet is “Cigalon," located in the same house where Brigitte Bardot spent her days in in the 60’s. This decadent restaurant offer high class French cuisine created by Argentinian chef Sonia Persiani. Cigalon is often considered the best restaurant in Búzios.

Getting There

In Rio de Janeiro, a bus leaves every hour or so, from 6 am to 8:30 pm, from The Novo Rio (Rodoviária) Bus Terminal. The 1001 Bus Company goes back and forth from Rio de Janeiro and Búzios. Note, however, that the route can take up to 6 hours on a busy day! The easiest transfer solution would be by private transfer, which we can help with, of course. You can also rent a car and stay at a hotel or home that has parking, this way you'll be more free to explore the many beaches in the Região do Lagos on the way to Búzios, as well as the beaches once you reach your destination as well!