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Learn About Brazil's Imperial History

The magical city of Petropolis is only 60 km away from the dynamic city of Rio de Janeiro, and considering its cooler climate, been a favorite getaway for “Cariocas” for centuries. Go there for a day trip, or spend a weekend in this mesmerizing city. Petrópolis is located near the coast in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro and has an altitude of 838 m above sea level in the hills of “Serra dos Órgãos” making the city a perfect destination for winter holidays.

Many of the Petrópolis’s attractions are located in the historic downtown area, which makes the sightseeing very convenient for visitors. The green tropical gardens and the the fresh air of Petropolis will definitely seduce both your mind and spirit and give you a great contrast and break from the hectic but wonderful city of Rio de Janerio.

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Petrópolis Travel Tips

Walking Tour

Petrópolis offers plenty in the way of ecotourism, considering the region's natural wonders. In fact, the great beauty of Petropolis was the driving force for Pedro ll to develop the city and make it comfortable for its residents.

Because the city has cooler and less humid weather than Rio de Janeiro, it’s easier to experience the city by foot. Take a walk through the many parks, gardens, canals and bridges. You will visit the tomb of Pedro ll, The Gothic church of Cathedral Sao Pedro de Alcantara all while walking through streets with street lamps from the 18th century.

The city tours take about three hours, allowing time for shopping or getting a bite to eat!

Photo by Jorge Brazil

Main photo by Destino Petrópolis.

Wine + Dine

The mountainous city offers a range of dining options, from high-quality Churrascarias (typical Brazilian steakhouses), to quaint bakeries and fine bistrôs.

With its original decorations still intact, the “Bistrô Bordeaux” is a must when visiting Petrópolis. The house was built in 1884, and has kept some of its initial features such as the ballrooms, some 300 paintings, Carra marble fireplaces, and the stable that today serves as an exquisite bistrô-restaurant.

The restaurant is perfect for al fresco dining as well as in its cozy interior, and offers its visitors the option to indulge in its famous cuisine and the impressive selection of over 1,500 wine labels. Inhale the cool and soothing evening air and enjoy a good red wine among the lush verdure of the “Bistrô Bordeaux” garden.

The unique setting of Petrópolis offers its visitors the option to enjoy great food AND magnificent views from the city’s mountains. At the restaurant, “Cocette Bistrô” you can experience both. The restaurant is small, intimate and you'll be personally served by its owners. Enjoy the French influenced cuisine, the wine, the charming atmosphere, and the background music from the playing piano.


One of the most visited museums in Brazil is located in Petropolis, and is also one of the most popular attractions in the city - the former “Summer Palace” of the second Brazilian monarch, Pedro ll (1831-1889).

The “Summer Palace” is now a museum, “The Imperial Museum,” and houses some of the country’s most important historical objects, specialising in Imperial history and memorabilia.

The palace is surrounded by an enchanting garden, and offers its visitors guided tours throughout the magnificent palace, as well as temporary exhibitions dedicated to contemporary art.

Another popular museum in Petropolis is the very fascinating “Museu Casa de Santos Dumont.” It was the former resident of eccentric Brazilian plane inventor Santos Dumont. The house is now a museum of his innovative architecture and design. Try walking down the intriguing racket shaped stairs, which forces the visitor to start either with the right foot (outside) or the left foot (indoor staircase).

The alluring glasswork of the “Crystal Palace” is also worth a visit. The palace is located in the center of the city and is surrounded by a beautiful garden and fountains.