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One of the most picturesque and charming cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is Terespólis, located only 1.5 hours from the city of Rio. Teresópolis means "City of Teresa," and was a tribute to the Emperor Dom Pedro II's wife, Dona Teresa. She fell in love with the natural beauty of Teresópolis and was an admirer of the region's calm and scenic atmosphere. The relatively cool temperature and mountainous surroundings makes the city a perfect side trip when visiting the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro. Teresópolis rises at 900 meters above sea level and offers some of the most beautiful mountain walks, peaks and national parks in the country.

Teresópolis Travel Tips


Wake up to the morning mist-covered scenery over the mountain town below, the many hills and famous peak of “Dedo de Deus” (God’s finger). Much of the area is protected within the “National Park of Serra dos Órgãos,” and covers magnificent mountains, waterfalls and rivers.

Besides the rich flora and fauna, Teresópolis offers local wood, wicker and leather crafts, woollen clothing made by hand, and plenty of delicious homemade sweets.

The National park “National Park of Serra dos Orgãos” has numerous hiking trails for both beginners and for more advanced hikers, there's “Serra dos Aos.” The park is full of lush vegetation, rare wildlife and vibrant flora.

Other amazing spots you can't miss out on in Terespólis is the famous orchid farm, “Aranda Orchidary,” the iconic landmark “Matriz de Santa Tereza,” which is the historical church of the city, and the neighbourhood "Granja Comary." Teresópolis is famous for the "Granja Comary Football Complex" which is the headquarters of the Brazilian National Football Team, and the Brazilian Football Confederation.

Dining Options

The scenic city offer its visitors with high-quality local cuisine like what you'll find at "Casa Do Chef Bistro." The restaurant is considered to be one of the best in the city, and has a very down to earth atmosphere, offering fresh and delicious ingredients.

Visit the "Geneve Farm," where a guide will show you how to make dairy goat cheese. After the visit, you will go to a restaurant where there will be a lecture on the history and manufacturing of goat cheese. You will be provided with a tasting of the delicate cheese after the lecture.

La Cave Bistro is another highly recommended restaurant. The restaurant is cozy and has intimate setting, perfect for couples, with the features of a bistro. The wine selection is one of the main attractions of the bistro. The idea is that customers select what to drink directly in the cellar, where they can have firsthand contact with the wines. The diversity and quality of the labels are an attraction iself, with wine selections from both the Old and the New World. Photo from Le Cave's Website

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