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São Paulo

São Paulo

South America's largest city seems to pleasantly surprise most of its visitors. It lacks the beauty Rio and much of the northeast has, but its massiveness, cultural and night life, and endless list of things to do, makes it worth the stop on your travels to Brazil. Let's not forget the countless street markets as well as luxury shops, top rated restaurants run by world renowned chefs, some of the best clubs in the world, and diverse population! If you travel to São Paulo with us, one of our team members will personally see to it that your visit to our city is the best possible! We might even take you out for a drink or dinner! With one of our offices based in São Paulo, people often ask “Why not Rio?”

Why Visit São Paulo?

  • The History

    One of our personal favorite things to do in the city, is stroll around the city center during the day. The history of the city is so diverse and interesting, and this is apparent in the architecture, structure, and just looking around at the many different faces you see around the city. Make sure to get a roof top view of the city at one of our viewing points, and be prepared to be hypnotized by the never-ending horizon of buildings.
  • The Cuisine

    São Paulo has country’s best restaurants, with the biggest diversity to offer in cuisine. We're home to Alex Atala's DOM Restaurant, continuously ranked as one of the best in the world. One of our female chefs, Helena Rizzo, of Maní, was also named top female chef recently. For those who are on a budget, our street food markets are infamous, and will give you a taste of Brazil and abroad!
  • The Arts

    Our museums are incredible, theater options are endless, and since we don’t have a beach, our parks host outdoor concerts and activities every weekend. Let's also not forget São Paulo is one of the world's Street Art capitals, holding the only outdoor urban art museum.
  • The Beaches

    We’re only a 45 minute drive from the nearest beach! And this particular beach has been voted one of the only in Brazil that is environmentally approved by the UN with a Blue Flag. Besides that, São Paulo's northern coast has mountains, waterfalls and of course beaches that can easily be compared to and surpass many famous beaches around the country.
  • The Architecture

    Ibirapuera Park, Memorial da América Latina, Unique Hotel, Copan, Estaiada Bridge... Thes are a few names you'll come across when it comes to discussing structural and landscape features around the city. Oftentimes in São Paulo, you'll come across buildings and parks that will strike your curiosity because of its uniqueness and vibrant energy, contrasting the famous "grayness" of the city.

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Things to Do in São Paulo

Graffiti Art

São Paulo Art

Small alley ways in Vila Madalena, tunnels near Avenida Paulista, and the outdoor urban art museums all have prime works of art, as well as murals spread throughout the city. Take in some of the color these works contribute to the concrete jungle!

Edifício Martinelli

Visit Edifício Martinelli

One of our favorite views of the city is from the Edifício Martinelli, the city's first skyscraper, and still one of the most charming buildings and architectural landmarks in the city.

Eat Sushi

The country with the most Japanese outside Japan, and the city with the biggest population of descendents, can only be famous for its sushi! With our all you can eat style menus, there's no questioning this activity. If you're not a fan of sushi, we recommend one of the hundreds of pizza restaurants as well!

Head to the Beach

Escape the City's Bustle! Take a quick ride to get to many beautiful beaches along the São Paulo coast, sit back, order a few drinks and snacks, and enjoy the horizon.

Enjoy Live Music

Go See a Local Band! São Paulo's live music scene is one of the most vibrant in the country, and our thousands of local bands fill bars and venues throughout the week, playing anything from Brazilian samba to British rock!

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is one of locals' favorite places, with plenty of green space for sports and picnics, architecture signed by Oscar Neimeyer, and museums inside the park, and much much more. A must see on a visit to São Paulo.

Mercado Municipal

Mercado Municipal

The municipal market in São Paulo is usually one of our guests' favorite places to visit in the city. You can try tropical fruits, cheeses or nuts from one of the many stands, have famous mortadella bologna sandwich or a deep fried cod pastry, or have a fresh juice with your fruit of choice! A delicious way to discover local culture.

Football Museum

Football Museum at Pacaembu

São Paulo's municipal stadium is also home to the Football Museum, which is one of the newest and already most frequented museums in the city. It gives us a history of football, both national and international, through interactive exhibits and a chance to score your own goal at the end of the tour!