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Rio’s Desire for the Olympics

With a colourful and vivid environment that pervades throughout the city, Rio de Janeiro seems to be the perfect host for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2016.

The FIFA World Cup was a huge success for Brazil, and came to resemble a real festival that brought the whole world together. Now the Olympics are expected to become an even bigger success. Both the consecration and the closing ceremony will take place at the Maracanã stadium with seating for approximately 75,000 spectators.


The city was driven by the wish to bring together the two major sport events (Olympics & Paralympics), and let the development of the alignment begin. For the people of Rio de Janeiro that meant the establishment of new urban infrastructure, social and cultural expansions, and other opportunities around the city.

The upcoming stream of tourists will have a great impact on the Brazilian economy, and the national identity. Rio de Janeiro will get an upgrade in international recognition, hospitality services, and be the new natural choice in terms of business, travelling and living.

The Bid

Rio was one of the four remaining candidates in arranging the summer Olympics. The other candidates were Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo. With great backing by former president Lula, Brazil ran a successful campaign and won.

The announcement was based on a two-year long process, developed by IOC to ensure that the host city would be capable of entertaining such a comprehensive event.

Chicago finished last after the first round of voting with 18 votes out of 94, Tokyo on third place with 22 votes, Rio in second with 26 and Madrid with 28. After Chicago was eliminated for having the least votes in the first round, almost all votes went straight to Rio in the second round. Rio de Janeiro received the majority of the votes against Madrid (66-32) when Tokyo was eventually eliminated.

Winning the Olympics BId

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The Summer Olympic Games in 2016 will be the 31st Summer Olympics and will be held in Rio in August of 2016. It’s the first time that an Olympic competition is hosted in a South American country, and only the second time in Latin America (after Mexico City 1968), and the third time in the Southern Hemisphere (after Australia’s Melbourne and Sydney in 1956 and 2000).

The fact that the continent had never hosted the Olympics before ,worked in Rio’s favor, which was evident during the bid where a graphic map over the world was exposed and the South American part was completely bare.


Much of the Olympics will be taking place in the modern Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood in Western Rio de Janeiro. Other neighbourhoods that will offer important arrangement are the Maracanã, Deodoro, Copacabana and Lagoa regions.

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Although Rio is assigned to organize the Olympic Games, football games will also be spread across several locations. The games will be held and played even in great cities around Brazil like Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Brasilia.